What We Do?

At Air Space Metals we strongly believe in the power of matters. The whole universe is made up of matters that are a combination of the five elements of nature viz., air (Vayu), water (Jal), fire (Agni), earth (Prithvi), and space (Antariksh). Each element is way different than the others concerning chemical combination, and electronic configuration at the atomic level as well as they also differ from each other in the amount of energy possessed, absorbed, or radiated based on their nucleonic properties. We follow the Panchopchaar (panch + upchaar) approach or a five-fold strategy to study matters that matter to mankind or the ecological system as a whole. The Panchopchaar method followed by Air Space Metals in the testing of metals and minerals forms the axle for all our dealings in rare earth metals and minerals services.

Our compressive methodology of work inculcates the below points as a step-by-step work procedure: -

  • Detection of the matter as a rare earth metal or mineral.
  • Identification of the specific properties of matter or mineral substrate.
  • Calculation or assessment of the metal value using the latest technological devices and equipment.
  • Shielding or packaging or protection of the matters that might pose any harm to the environment
  • Disposal of the matter once the experts are done with all the analysis of the features or aspects of the rare matter.

Our Services

Testing & Analysis

Radiological testing or nuclear energy inspection services employ high-energy electromagnetic

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Green Energy

The terminology in Physics defines ‘energy’ as the capacity of doing work. It is the measure of

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Diagnostic Radiography

As the name itself suggests, radiography is an advanced imaging technology that employs

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Industrial Radiography

Radiography is a great imaging technology that provides accurate results in a short span

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Borescope Inspection

A borescope is an audio-visual device that can go deep into the inaccessible components

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Soil Remediation

Soil is the outermost layer of the earth's crust that compliments the perpetuation of life.

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Who We Are?

The Air Space Metals is a multifaced nonprofit organization whose mission is to expand knowledge and challenge perspectives in the field of chemistry, engineering, and life sciences to reveal how developments in these sectors are embedded in our daily lives and to catalyze the recreating of our scientific and technological future.

Anything that has mass and occupies space is called matter. This is the basic idea we all are taught about very well in our elementary schools' science but in reality, the matter is something pretty vast and much more than just being interesting. Air space metals have emerged as the most reliable name and a promising brand in the sphere of testing and analysis services in the last decade. Our team of experts comprises learned professionals who have been actively contributing to the field of radiological research and subsequent analysis. We excel in the study of rare earth metals and minerals and also provide third-party services in nuclear energy and radiation safety. We believe in complete environmental protection and our work process and overall operations comply with the highest standards laid out by the chief regulatory bodies. We suggest and provide consultations, sure-shot remedies as well as an array of other services in the sector of renewable energy (green energy), soil remediation, and borescope inspection services.

We are recognized by the governing bodies in the sphere of providing the best- in-class quality assurance services in diagnostic radiology. We also specialize in the non-destructive testing (NDT) of matters that truly matter to you and the natural environment surrounding us.

The main objectives of the company are to carry on the business of research and development on various rare earth metals and other related chemical compounds, products & by products. We are specialized to organize and procure, stock within India and globally for rare earth metals and other related chemical compounds, products & by products.