" Borescope Inspection Services "

How does a borescope work?

A borescope is an audio-visual device that can go deep into the inaccessible components of machinery or instrument or any structure while not posing any threat of damage or dismantling of the same. The methodology applied to get a clear internal picture without disturbing the fundamental framework is termed non-destructive testing. Borescopes have specialized cameras attached to an end that searches, records and saves the defects digitally. Conclusively it saves time, resources, and money needed to find out problems inside the hard-to-reach areas. Borescopes are of different types and they are grouped as per their special features. In short, borescope inspection excels over its traditional counterparts concerning efficiency, and accuracy, and is pretty economical to use.

Borescope Inspection Services- The current trend around the world

Borescopes were invented in the 1960s and these were primitively used to look for defects in big-sized guns, during the second world war. It evolved into a perfect innovation that ensures safety as well as efficient inspection of the areas wherein direct access can lead to destruction. For instance, there are several pieces of equipment like gas turbines, heat exchangers, aircraft machinery, hydraulic components of devices, welding joints, etc. With the help of efficient borescope inspection services, you can save a lot of time, energy, and money without disturbing the structure of the same for even an inch. Some realistic data collected by reliable sources project the borescope market to grow substantially in the upcoming times, especially in the south Asian region of the world.

What we offer and our specialties
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  • Our borescope inspection technology allows you to not just take videos of the inside of the structural arrangements but you can also save the data and share it too via digital means.

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