" Testing & Analysis Services "

Testing And Analysis Services

Radiological testing or nuclear energy inspection services employ high-energy electromagnetic waves like alpha, beta, and gamma rays to study the internal structure of machines or instrumental setups. These waves are used to obtain two-dimensional images that are very informative and play an important role to understand the defects or drawbacks in the structure without posing any damage to the external parts.

The complete process of radiographic testing and analysis is based on the idea that different sorts of waves owing to their electromagnetic properties show different penetrating powers. For instance, alpha and beta particles can pass through a few pieces of paper but are stopped by aluminum foil. On the other hand, Gamma rays can only be stopped by concrete, lead, or other heavy shielding material.

In Radiography, the testing of the object or a portion of it is kept between the radiation source and the radiation detector. The tester or the sample to be tested can be anything that is to be studied. The density of the material as well as its mass affects the interaction of the material with ionizing radiation. Consequently, the variation in the absorption of radio waves or particles leads us to images produced by electronic media like Film Radiography, Real-Time Radiography, Digital Radiography, Computed Tomography, Computed Radiography, etc. Industrial Radiography and Diagnostic radiography services use X-rays and Gamma rays as the prime source of informative study. These waves are extremely high in energy with a comparatively shorter wavelength. Hence these radiography operations and reports should be handled with utmost safety and only by a certified expert in the field. The deliberate mishandling of such radio waves can propel the environment and human beings toward static doom.

At Air Space Metals we have collaborated with highly experienced personnel with optimum experience to ensure trusted services in the sphere of radiological safety and testing procedures. We have an in-house team of well-trained members with vast knowledge and upgraded equipment for all sorts of testing services. We work with transparency and assure precise results after a detailed analysis of the subjects as per the safety guidelines laid down by the apex regulatory body viz., the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB), and this establishes us as the most dependable brand in the realm of radiological testing and analysis services worldwide.

Our Five-Fold Strategy i.e., the Panchopchaar to understand, analyze, estimate, evaluate and subsequently devise an extensive program to let you comprehend even the minute technical points in detail that will further help you to take better decisions.

Our exclusive soil remediation services let you deal with the land pollution issues safely and swiftly so that the wasteful barren plots of land areas can be transformed into productive places. Our team of experts at Air space Metals is skilled at comprehensive land Inspection services and the detection of harmful ionizing radiation.

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