" Soil Remediation Services "

Soil is the most important natural resource

Soil is the outermost layer of the earth's crust that compliments the perpetuation of life. It forms the basis of our very existence in the world. Almost all forms of life take birth, thrive throughout their life span and ultimately get merged into the nature through soil. All biotic as well as abiotic components of the physical environment depend upon the soil for their very existence and mankind is no exception to this fact.

Soil serves as the reservoir of all minerals, essential nutrients, and also provides an anchorage for the roots of the plants or trees. Being porous in nature it holds water or moisture needed for the growth of crops and plants. All herbivores depend directly on soil for food while the carnivores and omnivores depend indirectly on the soil to derive nutrition. Humans dating back to ancient civilizations have been using soil to build their houses and magnificent structures but they have been equally fond of earthen jewellery and sculptures. Today, soil of different quality is extensively used for making pottery, clay ware, decorative items and other construction purposes too.

What is soil depletion or degradation

As we all know that soil is a homogenous mixture of a variety of compounds like nitrogen, water, organic compounds and biodegradable matter. These are usually rich in macro as well as micro nutrients. Soil quality is the resultant effect of the sum of climatic conditions. Besides, the fertility as well as the productivity of soil simultaneously depends upon the ecological conditions. It is quite natural for soil to get degraded or depleted with the passage of time. Some physical phenomenon like action of running water, blowing wind, excessive rainfall and reckless human activities leads to the erosion of the topsoil.

Why soil remediation is important

Soil erosion is the removal of topsoil, usually by the action of wind, rain, or water and some human activities. Scientists and researchers worldwide have come up with incredible ideas to stop soil erosion yet the problem of nutrition deficiency in land calls for immediate redressal. The experts in the field of soil remediation services can help your deficient land to turn in to an efficient quickly. By applying simple yet effective techniques you can rebuild, replenish and re-establish the productivity of your land that will eventually fetch you all benefits. Hence soil remediation not just ensures the quality of your land but it also assures optimal returns on your investment.

The world is soaring on the scale of economic development whereas we are diving deep to enhance the biological environment. A surge in the number of nuclear reactors, increased mining activities, lack of proper disposal of nuclear wastes as well as mishandling of radiation substrates etc. have made our soils an easy prey to harmful ionising Radiation exposure. The deadly ionising chemicals, radiation particulate matter and waves plays havoc with the soil column and deplete the ecology as a whole.

Our exclusive soil remediation services let you deal with the land pollution issues safely and swiftly so that the wasteful barren plots of land areas can be transformed into productive places. Our team of experts at Air space Metals is skilled at comprehensive land Inspection services and the detection of harmful ionizing radiation.

We provide occupational safety to the personnel associated with the field of nuclear energy and radiological safety to cater to soil remediation. We excel in waste management services, land surveys and evaluation processes of the soil.

Why Choose Us?

With our expert Land Remediation Services, you can successfully tackle the issues of land pollution or degradation, as our approach is cent percent eco- friendly and client oriented.

We strive to let you be sustainably independent without posing any risks to the environment.

  • We render maximum environmental protection to ensure maximum ecological balance.

  • We have skilled professionals and scientists who deal with all aspects of land contamination.

  • We use latest technology as well as upgraded instruments.

  • We are a recognised institution for providing land remediation services across continents.

  • We facilitate third-party services per the guidelines laid down by the apex agency in India.

  • We have certified Radiation Safety Officers, highly qualified technical professionals.

  • We bring to you the best-in-class land remediation services without pinching your pockets hard.

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